About Ashley Stubblefield,

“We must remember that one day our children are going to follow our example instead of our advice.”

— Carolina King

Ashley Stubblefield

Ashley Stubblefield (she/her) is a trauma-informed Licensed Clinical Social Worker and board approved supervisor who specializes in helping individuals heal childhood and family of origin wounds, particularly parents who struggle to be joyful and loving due to their own hurts.

Ashley offers psychotherapy and parent skills training to individuals and couples in-person for people in the Greater Austin area and virtual sessions for anyone throughout the state of Texas.

Ashley uses a gentle and loving therapeutic style that guides people through the process of healing. Her direct communication style provides a supportive environment to help people become more accountable to themselves while uncovering the primary causes impacting their lives.

Ashley’s Story

When Ashley became a parent in 2002, she was a single mom with a newborn trying to navigate a broken relationship. In 2005 she got married and had another child two years later. Married with two children, Ashley recognized that her own childhood wounds were getting in the way of her being a joyful and peaceful parent and wife. Thus began her own healing journey.

When her husband died in 2016, Ashley was in graduate school in a new town and had to learn how to parent through new hurts and wounds while supporting her children through their own hurts and wounds.

Today, Ashley is remarried and has a new parenting role as a step-parent. As a result, Ashley continues to learn how to parent all of her children as part of a blended family.

Ashley understands the unique struggles that many families face, and because of the support she has received over the years, feels very strongly that people can find joy and peace in their everyday lives.

Primary Framework

Rockrose Therapeutic Center utilizes the Nurturing Parenting curriculum, an evidence-based framework that focuses on effective communication, boundary setting, and emotional regulation. However, we understand that each family has unique dynamics and goals, so we approach parenting strategies in a mindful and individualized manner. Our aim is to explore those differences and develop a customized plan that promotes harmony and balance for each family we work with.


Ashley’s Therapeutic Modalities


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)


Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI)


Parent Skills Training


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Ashley Stubblefield

Ashley’s Background

Ashley was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana and moved to Austin in 2014 to attend graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin. Growing up as part of a blended family with six children, Ashley values family gatherings, home cooking, and loud storytelling. Since living in Austin, Ashley has discovered a love for hikes and floating the river.

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