Rockrose Therapeutic Center Services

Rockrose Therapeutic Center is a group psychotherapy practice that provides scheduled support through appointments for families, children, couples, and individuals. Our group of therapists is unique, as we not only prioritize your emotional well-being but also provide expertise and guidance that will empower you to restore hope and connections in your life and relationships.

The Rockrose Approach

We adopt a warm, positive, and respectful approach to therapy that prioritizes your goals and provides support to achieve them. Our expertise lies in addressing issues related to anxiety, depression, relationships, self-esteem, and personal trauma.

We firmly believe that a direct and authentic therapeutic relationship is crucial for long-lasting transformation. Regular therapy sessions unlock one's potential and allow the person to release their fear and anxiety. By doing so, the body and mind can work together harmoniously to fulfill life's aspirations.


Parent Skills Training

Parent skills training utilizes a direct approach, akin to coaching, to provide immediate solutions to challenges faced by parents at home. It is especially helpful for parents seeking techniques to enhance communication with their families, develop effective discipline methods, and acquire tools to encourage emotional regulation strategies in their children. The ultimate objective of this approach is to equip you with practical strategies to manage your family life, leading to a harmonious and tranquil home environment.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy employs an approach that strives to reveal and resolve thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that negatively impacts a person’s life. The primary objective of individual therapy is to heal emotional wounds that adversely affect daily routines. This therapy is well-suited for individuals who acknowledge that their existing strategies are not effective and require assistance to bring about positive changes.


Couples Parenting Skills Training

Couples skills training integrates coaching and therapeutic techniques to explore the correlation between a couple's relationship and its effect on parenting. By comprehending their relationship patterns, couples gain insight into their own parenting practices. This approach is particularly beneficial for couples with differing parenting beliefs seeking to cultivate mutual understanding and compassion while positively influencing their children.


Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is a vital professional process in the field of social work, where a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) provides guidance, support, and oversight to licensed master social workers (LMSW) pursuing licensure. Regular meetings, case evaluations, and feedback aid the supervisee in enhancing competence, handling complex client situations, managing countertransference, and adhering to ethical norms, promoting professional growth and superior client care. Fees for Clinical Supervision are based on the Green Bottle Sliding Scale Method. Please contact us to ask about our Clinical Supervision services.

What Does Therapy Cost?

Rockrose Therapeutic Center is located in downtown Round Rock, Texas and offers in-person and virtual sessions. We offer personalized plans for therapy which are covered by many common insurance plans. We also offer 15-minute phone consultations at no charge.

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